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Program for Women
Vocational Training Tailoring
Small Children of Working Mothers
Youth Resource
Child Care
Tsunami Relief
Tsunami Relief
SHG Products
SHG Products


Program for women
Yuvasakthi is in the forefront in women empowerment since its inception in 2001 by raising their economic status, healthcare, vocational training and forming Self Help Groups, lending money to SHG for income generating activities, providing Micro Insurance, General Awareness etc. Yuvasakthi acts as a bridge between SHG and various Banks like SBI, A& N Cooperative Banks, Vijaya Bank, UCO Bank in imparting Bank Loan Facility.

  • The Permanent training cum Production Centre provides practical training in tailoring, embroidery, fashion designing, soft toy making, Computer and manufacturing jute related products, umbrella stitching and candle making, Paper Bag Making.

  • Special training is also provided in Farming sector like horticulture, floriculture, mushroom culture as well as in pisceculture, rearing goats under animal husbandry with the help of Central Agriculture Research Institute (CARI) and other related govt. departments.

Crèche for small children of working mothers
Very often working mothers need to carry their small children to working places to look after them. Yuvasakthi provides crèche facilities to the working women of oppressed class in rural and urban areas. Crèche centers are conducted to counter gender discrimination and boost their physical, psychological and intellectual development.

Family Counseling Centre for women in need.
Women are viewed as the centre of a family but many times women become victims of domestic violence and torture due to many reasons. Empowerment of women not only means economic empowerment but also strengthening women psychologically, equip them with proper information and knowledge. Family Counseling Centers organized by Yuvasakthi simply provides such services through Camps since January 2005. Many needy women have been benefited through such Counseling centers and came over the periods of crisis in their family. The mission is to ensure happy family which in turn may ensure a happy and harmonious society.

Vocational Training Program (VTP)
Yuvasakthi concentrates on women empowerment but it does not forget the dire needs of the women skill who find it difficult to search and adopt an economically viable means of living.

Youth Resource Center is organized to update and improve the vocational skill of rural and urban youth. The facilities of vocational courses available are Electrical Wiring, Motor Winding, Photography, Two Wheeler and Four Wheeler Mechanism, Plumbing, Carpentry, Cell Phone Services, Computer Software, Hardware, Networking and Multimedia, Tourism related Courses, Air conditioning and Refrigeration mechanism.

Classification of activities and supporting agents



Supporting agent

1 Social awareness and exposure visits Govt. machinery and Social Welfare Board
2 Legal aids Family Counselling Centres run by Yuvasakthi
3 Savings and Credit linkage NABARD and Commercial Banks
4 Education to illiterate girls and women IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University)
5 Vocational training RUDSETTI and SISI
6 Skill upgrading training Ministry of textiles
7 Livelihood activity Personal experts’ support from Reddy Foundation, Hyderabad
8 Federation activity Andhra Pradesh Academy of Rural Development
9 Promotion of awareness about health and environment Rural Health Mission, Department of Forestry.
10 Marketing Feedback Local-Mainland traders’ direct marketing

Our organization has realized the importance of capacity building which is the foremost requirement for survival and development of any organization. Hence we have acquired well trained staff through the Trainers Training Programme of the NABARD and other National level NGOs. Our staffs are being imparted with such training each year to keep them updated. We have also planned to establish a permanent training centre with the support of APMAS of Andhra Pradesh.

Our Animators, CLRPs are teaching the methodology of SHGs prescribed by NABARD so that basic knowledge of norms and conditions of NABARD can be learnt by the members of SHGs. Besides this training programme at various levels of leaders and members are being imparted by Yuvasakthi in different skills.

Federation Activity
Every 10 SHG will jointly start a Federation. This Federation will have Executive Committee. Such Federation will sign an Memorandum of Understanding (M-o-U) with Yuvasakthi for extending training, production and marketing facilities. All the Federations along with Yuvasakthi will jointly start one Integrated Organization for marketing a particular One Brand Name. This Integrated Organization will do all liaison work for purchase of raw material, advertisement and transportation, etc.

Areas of imparting Vocational Training
  • Book binding
  • Sea-shell craft production
  • Cane and bamboo craft production
  • Embroidery and wool garment production
  • Interior decoration and drapery in Hotels and Guest Houses
  • Hospitality Management for Tourism sector
  • Front Office and Hotel Management
  • Tourist Guide
  • Food processing and preservation (Fish, seasonal fruits etc)
  • Coconut shell products
  • Pre-school Teacher Training
  • Developing direct marketing skill
  • Making of ready-made garments.
  • Soft-toy making
  • Repairing and servicing of electronic equipment
  • Desk-top Publishing (DTP)
  • Basic Nursing training
  • Mobile Restaurant for Tourists
  • Packed Fast food preparation
  • Hand-made paper production
  • Jute-bag material production
  • Making of Handicrafts with waste materials (like paper pulp)
Skill Upgradation for Rural SHGs
  • Goatary
  • Fresh milk harvesting
  • Horticulture
  • Floriculture
  • Bio-fertilizer production
  • Sericulture
  • Poultry farming

  • Poultry / animal feed/fodder production
  • Fishnet conversion
  • Dry fish processing
  • Honey harvesting
  • Handicrafts with banana leaves
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